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We serve people to discover their truth, build unity, uncover their unique inspiration
and create greater connection to themselves and others, in business and life.

Elevate Children

Supporting Children to Believe In Themselves

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Elevate People

Creating Engaged and Inspiring Adults

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Elevate Business

Building Thriving and Innovative Businesses

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Elevate Humanity

Making Our Difference In The World

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Meet Heather

Having worked with such iconic brands as Mars, Nestle, Goodman-Fielder, National Foods and Barnardo’s, as well as New Zealand’s largest NGO, major departments of the New Zealand Government and over 15,000 individuals worldwide, Heather Yelland specialises in enhancing business endeavour through enhancing personal endeavour.

Heather’s work is beyond change management, beyond workplace relations, beyond team building, beyond productivity – it is perhaps best described by her clients who coined the term “the emotional enterprise specialist” .

Whilst most ‘workplace change specialists’ seek to have everyone ‘one the same page’, Heather’s fundamental belief is that this ‘same page’ philosophy is a fast track to the death of your business. What is sought instead is for each person to understand their own unique ‘page’ and how this contributes to the overall growth, cohesion and productivity of the organisation.

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We help develop children who believe in themselves, engaged and inspiring adults, and thriving and innovative businesses